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Let's have a Tikini Party!

You bring 12 of your friends! We bring the fun, laughter, decorations and drinks.
 Each guests will make one of the twelve drinks from the recipe sheet given to you and the start of the party.
Every guest receives a very cool shot and laminated recipes. 

Let go of your inhibitions (well not in public) Jump on the couch and release your inner Tom Cruise. 

 Entertain friends by shaking up a The "Tikini". Feel the sweetness as it dances on your tongue and drift away in Margaritaville. Enjoy your moment of bliss. Then, -- Blam!! Feel the burn; you are now searching for your lost shaker of salt. But remember it’s not your fault.

 Once you book your event, give us a call at 614-607-2717 or send us an email at and we can tell you what is provided. 

You will purchase

All you need to provide is ...

6 cans of pineapple juice
cranberry juice
orange juice
sweet n sour 
and 2 bananas
7 up
1 bottle of light rum (any brand) - 
I take care of everything else

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