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My name is Barbara, and I am a mixologist and a bar consultant. I really enjoy creating, discovering and sharing my knowledge, my experience and more importantly - my passion. I have  over 22 years experience in many types of establishments; from California, Arkansas, Illinois and Columbus.

But, there is another side to bartending; the preparation of getting your bar to a fun, comfortable, professional,  and profitable business.

Top Shelf Mixologist helps to find the right concepts and focused strategies for your bar to be successful and the become the next bar destination.

Success is a beautiful thing, and each person defines success in many different ways. For me, it is taking my experience, my knowledge, my creativity and sharing it with other people. It is being excited to go to work everyday. To share their stories, and their goals and their experience.

That is what we are all about.  To be the company that trains the bartenders to pour correctly every time. We want you to have consistent, returnable customers and to bring new customers to your bar. over and over again.

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