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Do your current bartenders need some professional training? Top Shelf Mixologist can do just that. With over 20 years experience working in a variety of bars, hotels and organizing major events. We can come in and teach your bartenders basic, popular drinks and signature drinks. From classic cocktails to flavored martinis, to popular shooters - we can train your bartenders to be more knowledgable, more effiecient, more accurate with their pouring and bar techniques. We want your bartenders to create awesome experiences for your guests so they become your regulars.
I believe with my experience in each of these areas, and my partners operational / managerial experience - we can help you achieve greater profitability for your bar and a consistent customer service experience for your guests.

Top Shelf Mixologist has currently created the brand new signature drinks/ crafted menu for Super Chef's Restaurant in - Gahanna 

Top Shelf Mixologist had also done
Bar Management / Crafted Bar Menu- Mughal Darbar on High Street.

Bar Training and Bar Menu - Donatos - Delaware, Ohio.
Bar Training and Bar Menu - Old Canal Inn - Hollidaysburg, PA

Top Shelf Mixologist has been contracted to do Columbus Zoofari 2012-2015. We have created delicious signature drinks for this event.

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